Dr Kian
Dr Kian

Your Treatment Journey

You will meet Dr Kian who is a fully-qualified Consultant Plastic Surgeon. Dr Kian is highly-trained in plastic & cosmetic surgery as well as non-surgical aesthetic treatments. When choosing your surgeon, it is important to ensure that you choose someone who will spend the time understanding your goals and tailors your procedure according to your individual concerns.

First Meeting

During your consultation with Dr Kian, he will take the time to understand your goals and concerns. Dr Kian will also ask you about your medical history, medications, allergies and any previous aesthetic procedures you may have had before.

Clinical Examination

Dr Kian will perform a systematic clinical examination of the area of concern. This will be in the presence of a chaperone if appropriate. Standard clinical photographs will be taken for your records.

Measurements & Sizing

For some procedures, Dr Kian may need to take some measurements so that your procedure can be planned appropriately. If implants are required, you will be given the opportunity to try on different sizes to ensure that you are happy with the size that you choose.

Questions & Answers

Dr Kian always ensures that there is plenty of time for your questions and he will discuss all the options you have. He will explain your procedure in detail including what the procedure involves, recovery time, aftercare advice, potential risks and complications. You can rest assured that Dr Kian will give you his honest, professional opinion for any questions you may have.

Second Consultation

Dr Kian believes it is best practice to offer a second consultation before you undergo any cosmetic surgery. This will give you the time to ensure that you are making the right decision for yourself. He will always give you a “cooling-off period” of at least 14 days before undergoing any surgery.

Day Of Your Procedure

On the day of your procedure, you will see Dr Kian and he will explain your procedure again to confirm you have understood everything. He may also perform some surgical marking and take more clinical photographs for your records. If your procedure is under general anaesthetic, you will also meet a Consultant Anaesthetist who will explain everything you need to know about your anaesthetic with you.


Dr Kian strongly believes that excellent aftercare is as important as the procedure itself. You will have follow-up appointments to ensure that everything is well, to change your dressings and to remove any sutures if needed. You will also be given details on how to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Dr Kian