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Natural-looking mummy makeover surgery with Dr Kian

A ‘mummy makeover’ refers to a combination of procedures to help regain the shape that you had prior to pregnancy. The type of operations that you have depends on your specific concerns and is tailor-made to suit your requirements. It commonly refers to body contouring surgery to tighten your abdomen and aesthetic breast surgery to improve to treat sagging and volume loss to your breasts.

The procedures that are typically performed in a mummy makeover include:

  • Breast augmentation – to improve volume in your breasts using implants
  • Breast uplift – to improve sagginess of your breasts
  • Tummy tuck – to remove excess skin, fat, and also to tighten the core muscles in your abdomen
  • Liposuction – to remove stubborn pockets of fat from your body especially in the waist, back, hips & thighs

The procedures above are not exhaustive and individualised combinations may include facial plastic surgery (including facelift/necklift surgery & eyelid surgery), fat transfer and non-surgical treatments (such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers & Tixel skin resurfacing)

  • Performed by Dr Kian, a UK-trained Consultant Plastic Surgeon with a special interest in Cosmetic Surgery
  • British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) Aesthetic Fellowship training in London & Sydney, Australia
  • Systematic approach & personalised surgery for natural-looking results
  • Experience in different techniques of breast, body contouring & facial plastic surgery to suit individual requirements
  • Consultation and full aftercare provided by Dr Kian


Most women who seek mummy makeover surgery would like help to regain the confidence and figure they used to have prior to having a family. Most of the time, there is a desire to remove the excessive skin and fat in the abdomen that you are unable to shift with just diet and exercise alone. Also, you may have noticed that your breasts have not been the same following pregnancy/breastfeeding and they have become more saggy and ‘deflated’ looking compared to how they were before.

During your consultation with Dr Kian, you will be able to discuss all your goals and concerns. Dr Kian will discuss your personalised combination of procedures that suits your needs. He will also answer all your questions including what sort of scars to expect, what garments to wear and how long it will take to recover from surgery.

Dr Kian has had extensive training using various different techniques and types of breast, body and facial cosmetic surgery. He will be able to tailor your procedures to ensure that you achieve natural-looking results based on your body shape and individual needs.

Dr Kian


Mummy makeover surgery is performed under general anaesthetic. It usually involves a 1-2 night stay in hospital. The figures shown here may vary depending on the type of surgery you have and your individual circumstances.

  • Dr Kian

    To treat post-pregnancy changes to the appearance of your breasts & body

  • Dr Kian

    1-2 days

  • Dr Kian

    3-4 weeks

  • Dr Kian

    6 weeks+


  1. Am I suitable for mummy makeover surgery?

    Most women who seek mummy makeover surgery would like to return to the figure they had before having children. You would usually be unable to get rid of excess skin and fat despite a good diet and exercise. You may also find that changes to your breasts have resulted in a saggy and empty appearance. All these changes can have a major impact on your body confidence affecting the outfits that you choose to wear, activities that you do and in some cases even affect enjoyment of holidays.

    If you have separation of your abdominal muscles (especially after multiple childbirth), you may also have poor muscle tone that can be corrected during your tummy tuck as part of your mummy makeover surgery.

    If you are over 18, generally healthy, not overweight and a non-smoker, you are suitable for mummy makeover surgery. The exact combination of procedures that you will have will depend on your individual concerns and goals. During your consultation, Dr Kian will discuss the different procedures that you may be suitable for to plan your bespoke mummy makeover surgery.

  2. What will the consultation involve?

    At your consultation, you will meet Dr Kian, a fully-qualified plastic surgeon who is trained in cosmetic surgery. He will take a full medical history including details of medications, allergies, smoking and previous surgery. Dr Kian also always takes time to understand what your goals and concerns are.

    During your examination, the following will be assessed systematically and standard clinical photographs will be taken for your medical record:

    • excess skin and fat in the abdomen
    • muscle separation (rectus divarication)
    • breast & chest wall measurements
    • previous scars & stretch marks
    • skin quality

    Dr Kian will then discuss your procedures with you. He will also discuss the scars that you are likely to expect. He will explain the potential risks and complications of surgery so that you make a fully-informed decision. There will be plenty of time to answer any questions that you may have and you can rest assured that Dr Kian will give you his honest, professional advice.

  3. What sort of scars can I expect?

    Mummy makeover surgery varies between individuals and the type of scars that you are likely to have will depend on the type of techniques used.

    Dr Kian is trained in a wide range of breast and body contouring techniques. The scar that you could expect will depend on your individual procedures. Dr Kian will discuss with you what your goals are before advising on which technique is suitable for you.

    To get an idea of the various scar patterns please have a look at the individual pages for breast augmentation, breast uplift & tummy tuck surgery.

  4. When will I be able to see my results?

    Mummy makeover surgery will produce immediate results and you will see the changes to your breasts and abdomen straight after surgery. There will be some swelling from surgery, which will take a couple of weeks to subside. Full results will be visible from 6 weeks.

  5. Can I get pregnant again after a mummy makeover? Can I have a C-section?

    It is safe for you to get pregnant after mummy makeover surgery. It is also safe for you to have another C-section (caesarean). However, it is normally advisable to delay your mummy makeover surgery until after you have completed your family as a subsequent pregnancy will undo the aesthetic results of your surgery.

  6. What are the risks/complications?

    During your consultation, Dr Kian will explain the potential risks and complications of your procedure. Some of these include:

    • Scar – this will depend on the type of procedures that you have and will be discussed with you at your consultation
    • Infection – some wound infections may require antibiotic treatment.
    • Seroma – this is a collection of fluid. Small seromas may be left alone if they do not produce any symptoms, however larger or symptomatic ones may be aspirated.
    • Bleeding/haematoma – bleeding after surgery may require a second operation to remove the blood clot and stop any bleeding.
    • Wound healing problems – occasionally, there may be areas that take a bit longer to heal due to either infection or impaired blood supply.
    • Stitch reactions – the sutures that are used are usually dissolving sutures buried under the skin. Occasionally, some people get little reactions to the sutures in small areas however this usually settles down with time.
    • Numbness – any surgery can result in changes to sensation including numbness which can take some time to resolve. Permanent numbness is uncommon.
    • Unfavourable results – mummy makeover surgery has a high satisfaction rate among all cosmetic surgery operations. However, unfavourable results may be due to not being satisfied with the appearance such as small ‘dog ears’ at the end of the scars. Weight changes or pregnancy after surgery can result in loss of the aesthetic result.
  7. How long is the recovery time?

    Recovery time is very individual, however for most people this will be between 3 to 4 weeks. We would normally advise to take at least 2 weeks off work, however you may return to work sooner or later depending on how you recover and the type of work that you do. You will be asked to wear post-surgical support garments after your surgery for at least 3 weeks. Full results take at least 6 weeks, however this will vary from person to person.

  8. What will the aftercare involve?

    Dr Kian believes that good aftercare is as important as the surgery itself. You will be given contact details to get in touch should you have any concerns after your surgery. You will have a clinic appointment approximately 1 week after your procedure. At this time, the wound is inspected to ensure that it is healing well and there is no infection. You will have a full review appointment with Dr Kian at approximately 6 weeks after your surgery to check that you are happy with your results and to give you long-term aftercare instructions.


If you are considering mummy makeover surgery, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with Dr Kian. His personalised approach to your care ensures that your mummy makeover journey is safe and smooth.

1. Consultation

Your expert consultation with Dr Kian gives you the perfect opportunity to ask any questions. Dr Kian will give you honest advice on whether you are a suitable candidate for surgery and discuss what options you have. He will take a medical history and examine you, including assessing the muscles in your abdomen and taking measurements of your chest & breasts. Full information on your procedure, including risks and aftercare instructions, will be given.


2. Treatment

Mummy makeover surgery is performed at a private hospital and involved a 1-2 night stay. The procedure involves a general anaesthetic, which will be given by an experienced Consultant Anaesthetist. Your incisions will be discussed at consultation and they are closed with dissolvable stitches under the skin.


3. Aftercare

You will need to wear support garments for at least 3 weeks after your surgery. You will have a simple dressing over your incision sites, which you need to keep dry for 7 days. You should be able to take light showers thereafter. The dressing will be removed in the clinic after 1 week to inspect the wound. You will be seen again for your review appointment with Dr Kian 6 weeks following your surgery.


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