Dr Kian
Dr Kian
Dr Kian

Breast enlargement under muscle

6 weeks after 390cc high profile silicone implant dual-plane breast augmentation

IMG_0842 Before
IMG_1968 After

Implant replacement Revision surgery

Implant replacement & capsulectomy for Grade 4 capsular contracture – change of pocket from subglandular to dual-plane (390cc high projection implant)

replacement-before1 Before
replacement-after1 After

Breast Enlargement under muscle

6 weeks following 270cc high projection implant dual plane breast augmentation

IMG_1285-e1599948279741 Before
IMG_1929-e1599948297389 After
IMG_1284-e1599948263939 Before
IMG_1928-e1599948246384 After

Breast Enlargement under muscle

1 week appearance of dual plane breast augmentation with 300cc extra high projection implants

Before-Front-e1595354045973 Before
After-Front After

Breast Enlargement above muscle

1 week appearance of sub glandular breast augmentation with 330cc high projection implants

Before-1 Before
After-2 After

Breast Enlargement Under muscle

6 weeks after of dual-plane breast augmentation with 360cc extra high projection implants

IMG_1234-e1599948963661 Before
IMG_1964-e1599948986434 After

Breast enlargement Over muscle

6 weeks after of subglandular breast augmentation with 185cc Motiva Ergonomix implants

Image 22-07-2023, 16.32.16 Before
IMG_3406 After
Image 22-07-2023, 16.32.29 Before
IMG_3406 After