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Dr Kian

Since you’ve stubbled across this blog it’s safe to assume you have an interest in the Mummy Makeover procedure. Well before going ahead with this procedure there are a number of points to consider.

In today’s blog I will go through the treatment bit by bit and explain how you may or may not be suitable. I will also be outlining any risks that may occur to help you with making your decision to go ahead with treatment.

So who is ultimately suitable for a Mummy Makeover?

The majority of women who undergo mommy makeover surgery want to get back to their pre-baby weight. Despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, it is frequently impossible to lose excess skin and fat. You may also notice that your breasts have become droopy and empty as a result of the alterations. All of these changes can have a significant impact on your body confidence, affecting the clothing you choose to wear, the activities you participate in, and in some situations, even how much you enjoy your vacation.

If your abdominal muscles are separated (particularly after multiple deliveries), you may have weak muscle tone, which can be remedied during your mommy makeover surgery with a stomach tuck.

You are eligible for mummy makeover surgery if you are over 18, generally healthy, not overweight, and a nonsmoker. Your specific procedure combination will be determined by your specific concerns and objectives. Dr. Kian will review the many procedures that you may be eligible for during your appointment in order to arrange your bespoke mummy makeover surgery.

You mentioned risks before, is this still a possibility?

During your consultation, I will discuss the risks and problems associated with your treatment. Among them are:

Scars – this can vary depending on the operations you’ve had and will be discussed with you during your appointment.

Infection – antibiotics may be required for some wound infections.

Seroma – this is a fluid accumulation. Small seromas can be left alone if they don’t cause symptoms, but larger or more symptomatic ones should be aspirated.

Bleeding/haematoma — if there is bleeding following surgery, a second procedure may be required to remove the blood clot and halt the bleeding.

Problems with wound healing – due to infection or a lack of blood supply, certain areas may take longer to heal than others. Sutures used in stitch reactions are commonly dissolving sutures buried beneath the skin. Some people may have minor sensitivities to the sutures in tiny locations, although this normally goes away with time.

Numbness — any surgery can cause feeling changes, including numbness, which can take time to resolve. Permanent numbness is a rare occurrence.

One last thing, is it possible for me to become pregnant following a mommy makeover? Is a C-section possible for me?

After mummy makeover surgery, you are safe to get pregnant. Another C-section is also safe (caesarean). However, it is usually best to wait until after you have finished having children before having mummy makeover surgery, as a second pregnancy will erase the aesthetic results of your operation.

How do I book in for an appointment?

You will first need to book in for a liposuction consultation with myself. Here I will explain the process and discuss the outcome you are looking to achieve with your implants.

To find a suitable date for your consultation simply head over to the contact page

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