Dr Kian
Dr Kian

Women seek breast reduction surgery for a variety of reasons.

You may experience physical symptoms from your breasts’ weight and growth, such as neck and back pain. Moreover, bra straps might press into your shoulders, leaving ridges where the straps once were. The rubbing of your skin against one other can also cause the crease under your breasts to get red, swell, and feel painful.

Also, having large breasts might restrict your physical activity and make it challenging for many women to engage in the type of exercise they would like to. Your capacity to control your weight through exercise may then be limited as a result.

Some women are uncomfortable with their breast size and worried about attracting unwelcome attention. This makes it challenging to select clothing and take pleasure in vacations. A better proportion between the size of your breasts and the rest of your body can occasionally be desired.

What makes me a suitable candidate for breast reduction surgery?

You are an ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery if you are over 18, generally healthy, not obese, and a nonsmoker. Sometimes, a woman who requests breast reduction surgery may not be a good candidate and may need an alternative procedure (such as a breast uplift). You will be told whether breast reduction surgery is right for you during your consultation.

What sort of things will be discussed in my consultation?

I always takes time to understand what your goals and concerns are.

During your examination, the following will be assessed systematically and standard clinical photographs will be taken for your medical record:

– breast and chest wall measurements

– pre-operative asymmetry

– chest-wall abnormalities

– skin thickness & quality

What cup size will I be after a breast reduction?

My goal is to produce outcomes that look natural. The measurements of your chest wall and body frame that are acquired during consultation will determine the ultimate size of your breasts.

The size of your breasts and the rest of your body will typically be better balanced by me. Although post-operative cup sizes can never be guaranteed, it is helpful to discuss with you at the consultation what cup size you would like to have after the procedure to get a sense of your expectations.

How do I book in for an appointment?

You will first need to book in for a consultation with myself. Here I will explain the process and discuss the outcome you are looking to achieve with your breast reduction and even complete the treatment on the day.

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