Dr Kian
Dr Kian

You will notice that your breasts have been lifted and have a better form right away following a breast uplift, which has immediate results.

Surgery will cause some swelling, which will go down over the course of a few weeks. After six weeks, the full results of your breast uplift will be apparent.

What surgery technique do you use and what sort of scars can I expect from this?

I have received training in a variety of breast uplift techniques, and the scar pattern you can anticipate will depend on your particular situation. During our appointment, I’ll take a few measurements and talk with you about your objectives before recommending the technique that would work best for you.

Some of the more well-known methods I employ are listed below:

Wise-pattern breast uplift – this is also called anchor shaped or inverted-T uplift. This method is done when your nipple needs to be significantly lifted and your breasts are severely drooping. When you need to reduce the size of your breasts, you can also utilise this approach (see Breast Reduction). The areola, the inframammary crease under your breast, and a vertical scar between your areola and inframammary crease will all be scarred with this method.

Vertical scar breast uplift – this is also a popular technique of breast uplift and is also called the short scar or “lollipop” scar technique. When a smaller lift is needed, this technique is employed. Your areola and a vertical scar running from your areola to your inframammary crease will be scarred as a result of this.

Small inverted-T uplift – This method uses an inverted-T scar similar to the first two, however the scar beneath the inframammary crease is shorter than with the traditional Wise-pattern method.

Circumareolar uplift – This less popular technique simply requires a slight raise in the position of your nipple. Your areola will be the only area with a scar from this.

Periareolar uplift – When only a slight raise in the location of your nipple is necessary, utilise this approach. Your areola is only partially surrounded by the periareolar scar.

How do I book in for an appointment?

You will first need to book in for a consultation with myself. Here I will explain the process and discuss the outcome you are looking to achieve with your breast uplift and even complete the treatment on the day.

To find a suitable date for your consultation simply head over to the contact page

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