Dr Kian
Dr Kian

YES! Moles and other skin lesions can be removed for a variety of reasons including to rule out skin cancer or for cosmetic reasons. If you are worried about a mole or you think it has changed, it is always advisable to get it checked.

Is it necessary for me to have a mole removed?

As previously indicated, there are several reasons why you would want your mole or skin lesion removed. You may be concerned about skin cancer in a changed-appearing lesion for example. Physical symptoms such as bleeding, discomfort, itching, and catching on things may be experienced as a result of the skin lesion. Sometimes people seek mole removal for cosmetic reasons, as the presence of some moles can influence self-confidence.

What exactly will the consultation entail?

As a fully qualified plastic surgeon who is trained in both surgical and non-surgical approaches for the treatment of skin lesions and skin malignancies, I will go through your entire medical history with you, including medications, allergies, smoking, and sun exposure. I always make sure to take the time to listen to your issues.

The following will be evaluated in a systematic manner throughout your examination, and standard clinical pictures will be obtained for your medical record:

– clinical examination of the skin lesion

– dermatoscopy

– skin quality

– signs of chronic sun damage

I will then talk to you about your operation.  I will also talk about the scar you’re likely to get. I’ll then go over the possible risks and complications of surgery with you so you can make an informed decision. There will be ample time to address any questions you may have, and you can trust me to provide you with honest, competent advice.

how do I book in for an appointment?

To book in for a mole removal you will first need a clinical consultation at my clinic in Manchester. To find a suitable date simply visit the contact page


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