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Dr Kian

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Many patients come to my clinic wanting help with their calves as sometimes the pockets of fat in these areas can be particularly difficult to remove. Even those who exercise regularly can find it very difficult to control or shift these stubborn fat pockets, which is why I offer Calf Slimming injections at my clinic.

Calf Slimming injections use the same product that is used in anti-wrinkle injections on the face. For the first few sessions, the therapy is done every 3-4 months, and subsequently maintenance is done every 4-6 months, or as needed depending on the individual condition.

How do Calf Slimming injections work? 

Calf slimming injections work by suppressing the nerve signals that cause your muscles to contract. It promotes a medium-term relaxation of the muscle when correctly injected into the relevant calf muscles. This results in a calf muscle that is smaller and more sculpted over time.

Is there anyone not suitable for this treatment?

If you have any of the following conditions, the treatment is not recommended:

– An infection that is active at the treatment area

– An ailment of the neuromuscular system

– Under the age of 18 years old

– Are you pregnant or nursing a baby?

– A problem with swallowing

– Difficulties breathing

how do I book in for an appointment?

To book in for Calf Slimming injections you will first need a clinical consultation at my clinic in Manchester (This is fully redeemable against the injections). To find a suitable date simply visit the contact page


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