Dr Kian
Dr Kian

Patient satisfaction is always my top priority. Not only do I want my patients to leave with outstanding results that bring them joy, but I also want them to enjoy and feel reassured throughout the process. 

When discussing the Mummy Makeover patient journey, there is no one better to ask what it’s like than the patient. Today we wanted to share some of our favourite patient experiences that past Mummy Makeover patients have kindly shared with us.

“I’ve recently had a breast enlargement and mini tummy tuck from Dr Kian Tan – From my first consultation to even this day, the care I’ve received is outstanding.”

The consultation is so detailed, and he answers everything you would want to know and more! My scarring is fading, and you can barely see the ones on my breasts!

I couldn’t be happier with him; many of my friends have already booked in after seeing my results. I’m so happy I chose this surgeon. He really is amazing!

“Previously, I had breast implants which were 15 years old and were becoming misshaped. I knew I had to have them replaced, although my biggest insecurity was my mum tum.”

I have hated this for 24 years (3 children later). However, I didn’t have a large apron, but subconsciously always knew it was hung over my pants. I chose to go ahead with the mummy makeover (full tummy tuck and breast re-augmentation). I didn’t want to have two operations, so to do it in one procedure made sense. I researched surgeons and hospitals and came across Dr Kian. His reviews were terrific, his qualifications were outstanding, and he didn’t work for a large organisation but through his own name!

The consultation was thorough and informative, and we discussed at length what would work for me. There is no sales pitch, no rush, and no pressure. He is a very genuine person who has your best interests and outcome as paramount. Jules, Dr Kian’s P. A is reachable any time you have any questions or concerns. And if she doesn’t have the answers, she will get them regardless of the day of the week.

“My biggest concerns were, would it make that much of a difference given the fact I only have a small apron and loose skin???”

It was a big operation not to notice a big difference and have a scar. I can assure you it’s made a huge difference. I’m only 1-week post-surgery. My wounds are virtually fully healed; my entire tummy tuck scar is so neat! My tummy is tighter now than it was at 18! I have the cutest belly button, and my breasts are also amazing. I look in the mirror 1-week post-op and ask myself, why on earth didn’t I do this sooner? I’m over the moon one-week post-op, and it’s only going to get better.

Dr Kian, you truly are amazing. Your surgery looks like a work of art! As you can see, I have yet to be a 1 in 1 patient. You truly have made sure your work is exceptional, and I know how much effort you gave into giving me a perfect outcome and a perfect belly button (which is hard to achieve based on my research)! Dr Tan did the consultation, Dr Tan came to speak with me before surgery, Dr Tan discharged me the day after; Dr Tan did the 1-week post-op wound check, and Dr Tan will be doing my 6-week post-op ( no nurses, as I experienced in my last breath augmentation). Big thank you, Dr Tan, my amazing surgeon. Jules and the nurses and surgery team at pall mall in Newton took great care of me.

What do the results of a Mummy Makeover look like?

How do I book in for a Mummy Makeover Consultation?

You will first need to book in for a consultation with myself. Here I will explain the process and discuss the outcome you are looking to achieve with your chosen procedure.

To find a suitable date for your consultation simply head over to the contact page

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