Dr Kian
Dr Kian

Using dermal fillers, the skin beneath your eyes is lifted using the tear trough filling process to give it a more vibrant, fresher appearance.

Dark circles under the eyes, tear through hollowness, fine wrinkles, and enlarged lower eye bags are substantial challenges since they are frequently linked to a worn-out appearance. The atrophy of the fat pad behind the eyes and hollowness are the main causes.

Both natural skin ageing and photo-ageing brought on by sun damage affect the quality of the skin around the eyes. Volume loss behind the eyes can be partially compensated for by enhancing the superficial fat layer so that it blends in with the cheek fat zone and by improving the quality of the skin around the eyes.

At Lumiere Clinic in Manchester, we use a specific type of filler for this area to provide the best cosmetic result. Additionally, we use a cannula to stop blood vessels from being traumatised, reducing the likelihood of bruising and discomfort.

Does tear trough filler contain hyaluronic acid?

A naturally occurring component of skin is hyaluronic acid. It draws and holds onto water to maintain the skin supple and plump. Hyaluronic acid is used as a gel in dermal fillers.

Which filler brands do I offer at my clinic?

Juvederm and Teosyal are two of the top filler brands that we offer. Depending on the region treated and your unique demands, specific filler types from the spectrum are employed.

How do I book in for an appointment?

You will first need to book in for a consultation with myself. Here I will explain the process and discuss the outcome you are looking to achieve with your tear trough filler and even complete the treatment on the day.

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