Dr Kian
Dr Kian

Tummy tucks are an increasingly popular treatment but a popular question that still stands its “are there any risks to a tummy tuck?” “Will there be any complications?” With it being a serious operation it is important to know exactly what the treatment entails.

So if you’re thinking about a tummy tuck, you’re in the right place. Let us answer any queries you may have.

Would I be suitable to get a tummy tuck?

Both men and women seek tummy tucks (abdominoplasty surgery) for a variety of reasons. You would usually be unable to get rid of the excess skin and fat despite a good diet and exercise. This can have a major impact on your body confidence affecting the outfits that you choose to wear, activities that you do and in some cases even affect enjoyment of holidays.

If you have separation of your abdominal muscles (especially after multiple childbirth), you may also have poor muscle tone that can be corrected during tummy tuck surgery.

If you are over 18, generally healthy, not overweight and a non-smoker, you are suitable for tummy tuck surgery. Occasionally, some people who seek tummy tuck surgery may actually not be suitable, and may require a different technique (such as liposuction). During your consultation, you will be advised on whether tummy tuck surgery is suitable for you.

Is this a risky treatment, and if so what can I expect?

During your consultation, Dr Kian will explain the potential risks and complications of your procedure. Some of these include:

Scar – this will depend on the type of abdominoplasty surgery that you have and will be discussed with you at your consultation
Infection – some wound infections may require antibiotic treatment.
Seroma – this is a collection of fluid. Small seromas may be left alone if they do not produce any symptoms, however larger or symptomatic ones may be aspirated.
Bleeding/haematoma – bleeding after surgery may require a second operation to remove the blood clot and stop any bleeding.
Wound healing problems – occasionally, there may be areas that take a bit longer to heal due to either infection or impaired blood supply.
Stitch reactions – the sutures that are used are usually dissolving sutures buried under the skin. Occasionally, some people get little reactions to the sutures in small areas however this usually settles down with time.
Numbness – any surgery can result in changes to sensation including numbness which can take some time to resolve. Permanent numbness is uncommon.
Unfavourable results – abdominoplasty surgery has a high satisfaction rate among all cosmetic surgery operations. However, unfavourable results may be due to not being satisfied with the appearance such as small ‘dog ears’ at the end of the scars. Weight changes or pregnancy after surgery can result in loss of the aesthetic result.

So…any other questions?

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