Dr Kian
Dr Kian

Fat transfers can be a highly effective way of using your body to enhance your features; in this blog, I will go through the details of this life-changing procedure.

Most individuals pursuing fat transfer want to increase breast volume or improve facial characteristics. Utilising your fat offers the advantage of taking fat from an undesirable area of the body and using it to enhance another area without the need for implants while providing lasting benefits.

Why would I get this treatment?

As a result of alterations in our skin, fat, muscles, and bones, our facial features gradually lose proportion and appear more deflated as we age. Our skin loses suppleness and droops; prolonged muscle use results in wrinkles. We decrease density in our fat and bones, giving us a deflated or sunken appearance. Conventional facelift procedures can not treat all of these alterations. However, fat transfer can cause a volume increase.

If I book a consultation, what sort of things will we discuss?

You can share your goals and concerns with me during your consultation. I’ll go through your fat transfer choices with you, covering where fat can be extracted, different fat purification methods, and whether or not you are a candidate for fat transfer in conjunction with other treatments. I will also clarify what to expect regarding outcomes, along with how long it will require to recuperate from this treatment.

What methods are you (Dr Kian) trained in?

I have received comprehensive training in various fat transfer procedures and techniques. I can customise your operation so that you get natural-looking results depending on your specific wants and concerns.

How do I book a Fat Transfer Consultation?

To find a suitable date for your consultation, head to the contact page

Should I read reviews of the surgeons first?

Absolutely! Reading through some patient experiences before booking a consultation is strongly recommended. No one can quite describe the patient’s journey quite as well as the patient’s. 

If you want to read reviews from my previous patients, head to my reviews page.